For this blog I’m going to focus on baking in other media forms like TV and magazines that might interest you to start baking 🙂

Otherwise here’s a list of more adult focused baking books that might interest you-


“cooking doesn’t get tougher than this”.

MasterChef- is a classic TV show that has the nation watching in tension as the contestants trying to win run out of time to finish their food in time.

Another british classic is the Great British Bake Off

This show focuses on people from the public making cakes outdoors with originally hosts of Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Mel and Sue until the show was bought by channel 4 but otherwise was able to receive 7.4m viewers and became BBC Two’s top rated show.

Interested in a baking focused podcast listen to this podcast!!

This is a podcast hosted by two sisters, Melody and Taunya. They most focus on new baking techniques and recipes with the occasional banter about life, they also occasionally talk about their dreams of opening a class bakery store front 🙂

If you are more into YouTube style content I personally recommend looking into Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube channel in which she focused on creative and unique styles of baking!


Rosanna Pansino is a Youtuber who is best known for her baking series, Nerdy Nummies. she was inpsired to cook by her Grandmother. Today she teaches viewers  how to make various nerdy-themed baked goods which features popular guests from Youtube itself 🙂

Here’s one of her latest videos!