Bake it till you make it- Group project!

Welcome BACK to the blog! Today we’ll talking about my group project involving bake baking.


For coursework 2 we were going to move into groups. My group consists of Me, Natasha and Melissa, those in the photo above. Our group project involves baking a variety of sweet treats each week and filming our process of cooking and eating.

We started off with creating a WIKI page, which talks about our aims with the group project and what we plan to achieve and the end.

The next blog will talk about pre production!

Describing three creative people I follow on social media!

This blog post will be on three creative people I follow on social media and how they use the social media platforms to create a large following.

The first person I will focus on is TheNeedleDrop and how he uses mulitple platforms to create his large following

Links to his social media

TheNeedleDrop uses his platforms in order to share his opinions on current music albums and artists, this is either through youtube in which his puts up video reviews of new or old music and allows for the viewer to see wether or not they would enjoy the album he is reviewing or should skip it. TheNeedleDrop also uses his twitter to promote new music from obscure artists that may not have the following or label power to be advertised or get radio air on such platforms as Bandcamp or Soundcloud. The use of multiple platforms has allowed TheNeedleDrop to gain a big following with 1 million subscribers on youtube and allowing him to keep growing in numbers. 

One of his reviews on Youtube- 


Another creative person who uses social media is Sampha 

Sampha uses twitter to share his new music or music he collaborated on with other artists. This allows fans of Sampha to be constantly updated on new music such as

meaning fans can listen to new music threw twitter and also look at tour dates to purchase tickets for shows he’s appearing at. Sampha also tweets when he is a guest on shows where he will do a live performance on TV or radio.

The final individual I will be blogging about is Gorillaz

Gorillaz the well-know band have adapted to using social media with the release of their new album, like creating a Instagram account for band member


This account occasionally will post updates of where the band in real life are touring or talk about upcoming releases like- 

The Gorillaz have also used platforms like Reddit to do AMA’s in which fans can ask questions to the band members and get an answer from the fictional character as if they were real. This means the fans can now be more closer to the fictional band than ever before as without social media, when the band started back in 1998 they could only use media forms such as books and MTV television in order to tell the origins and where abouts of the band at any time, but now they can update the fans constantly on new story details and create a more personal hyper-reality and keep up the idea that these characters are real.



A reaction to one of my own social media post’s

This blog post will focus on the reaction to one of my own social media posts.


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I don’t personally use social media a lot but I recently posted a couple of images on Instagram on to my account, and received a few comments on the photos of myself that I uploaded. All the comments i received were positive, with some saying “Great photos”, “Maud shots”, “Sensual x”, “Litty snaps bro” and others used emoji’s etc. Most people focused on the fact that that the images were taken with a high quality camera and that the image looks at a professional quality with its use of photography technique like depth of field, which means the subject is in focus with the background becoming blurred. The second image is taken with flash photography being the main part of the image so the face in brightly lit up.

Although this is a reaction to my own social media post there is another reaction I will talk about. This one being a negative reaction, focusing on the Kellogg’s racist ad.

Kellogg’s came under fire after a recent cereal box had what one twitter user believed to have a racist concept, showing that the only dark coloured cereal to be a cleaner.

This tweet blew up on the twitter platform forcing Kellogg’s to respond.

This shows how social media can have a real impact on the world today, now if one random person on the internet claims that a piece of content is racist or would show a company in a negative light they are forced to change or respond as quickly as possible.

It is very interesting to see how social media can impact companies in todays culture compared to traditional media, as now the viewer can hold the same level as the producer in certain situations.